Thursday, November 17, 2016

Riley New Release Day Three

It's another great day for the Riley design team.  We have SO many wonderful new stamps to share with you!  As you may know, Tanya released a new line called Mushroom Lane in August.  The original images are available in our store, plus now there are more!!!  I used a new image called House I.  With it, I created a recipe card.  What do you think is eaten in houses on Mushroom Lane?  Why baked mushrooms, of course!  I know you will love these images (and the recipe for mushrooms is a very good one also!) I'm sure you will think that these images are fun to color, so be sure you realize that there are also two Mushroom Lane coloring books available.  Can you say Christmas presents?!!!

Next I'm featuring a stair-step card with some poetry on it.  The sentiment is called A Poem for Mornings. I totally agree with it!  A poem for mornings:  coffee, coffee, coffee, Coffee Coffee, Coffee Everyone shut up.  Coffee.  My sentiments exactly!!!

And now--my favorite for the day!  The sentiment is Shark Music--and says "I don't know how people get eaten by sharks...I mean, how do you not hear the music?  I would have loved to put one of the discs in the card that would have played the Jaws theme, but I couldn't get one soon enough.  Instead I just settled on a gel card.  The circle is filled with hand sanitizer and really looks like water--it even has bubbles!  I created a shark from an oval with a "V" cut out and filled in with deckle scissors (resembling teeth).  My granddaughter will love this card!

More inspiration from the other design team members.  More new stamps in our online store.  FREE shipping still available through Sunday, November 20.  Don't miss out!!! Come back again tomorrow!

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