Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oldie but Goodie

For my OBG card for Bugaboo I used one of my favorite images--One Cool Cat.  He is cool, isn't he?!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Papertrey Stamp-a-Faire

Here are three new pictures for you. The first one shows my redo card.  I started stamping many years ago (right after retirement) and the card on the left is the first card I ever made for a swap on Splitcoast Stampers.  I redid it in a much simpler style--keeping only my color scheme.  I've come a long way! Next picture is Joy, Maggie, and I.  Joy's family came from Indiana and spent the day and night with us.  We enjoyed spending time with them, meeting Maggie--and of course Joy and I enjoyed our creating time.  Throughout the day we skped with Yoorah in California and facetimed with Michele, Cammy, and Merry in New Jersey.  The last picture shows all of the cards I created!  Great way to expand my stash.  Thanks Papertrey--it was a fun experience (but the original Stamp-a-Faire in Cincinnati is still my favorite!)  Joy, Michele, Yoorah, and I were fortunate enough to attend it!  Goodbye till new year.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Passing Notes

This challenge is close to my heart--as I am a retired school teacher.  I certainly remember intercepting notes in class.  Luckily I remembered how to fold notes from my "student" days.

Retro Rainbows

I don't have a rainbow stamp--so I create paper rainbow colored strips.  Love the "you color my world" sentiment with this!

Rad Ad Looks

My husband and I have been hooked on the NetFlix series "Mad Men"--and this challenge reminds me of it!  My card has that 60s " Mad Men" look.

1960s--Layered Stencils

For this challenge, we used die cuts and the negative to create a varied look.  Again I used butterflies (do you see so many patterns here!)  I think I used this sentiment multiple times also as it is one of my favorites.

Card Corsage

Betsy shared with us how to make a card corsage.  I figured everyone would use flowers--so I used butterflies.  I snuck in a piece of that velvet from an earlier challenge.  The flower stamens look perfect as antennae!  Again this color combo is my favorite!  I've used a lot of pink and orange today.