Friday, August 5, 2016

The Ink Spot New Release--Day 5

It's almost over--the new release and my summer!  As a retired teacher, I still LOVE using all my summer time wisely.  Hope you have used your Ink Spot release week wisely--and have placed a big order!  I think the Riley I used on this card (Floating Riley) is my favorite.  I tore blue paper and glued it to a card front to look like water and waves.  The sand was torn out of cork (I love using it or sandpaper for beach sand).  Riley is relaxing on his raft--and enjoying every minute of his summer--just as I plan on continuing to do.  Hope you enjoy the rest of yours also, but find time to fit in some crafting time with new images from this release.  You can find them in our store here. Have fun!  Thanks for visiting.

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