Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Riley How to Color Moose!

On the Riley blog today, DT members are sharing how they color their Riley moose images.  Here is the card that I made with the explanation of how I color my Rileys.

I always use copic markers.  For the body of the moose I use E31, E33, and E35.  For the antlers I use E37 and/or E57.  I always start with the body and use the lightest copic to color it.  I then color over the vertical middle of the body with E33.  I determine which side I think the sunlight is hitting--and color the opposite side with the darkest copic.  I then go back and shade until I get the look I desire.  I use the same technique with the antlers.  The only time is vary this procedure is if one of my copics has run out.  I think these Riley images are SO much fun to color and use!  Be sure to try them:)  Be sure to check out the other DT members as there are many diferent methods presented today.  Hope this helps!

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