Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tutorial--Faux Leather Using Masking Tape

I am the chosen one to share a tutorial with you today.  Jodie (at Bugaboo) has some fantastic cowboy stamps, and I thought this would be a good background to use with those stamps.  It's an easy and fun one also!  Here is the card:

Here are the directions:

--Masking Tape
--Water based inks
--Clear embossing powder
--Heat gun
1. Cut piece of cardstock to fit the top of your card.
2. Tear small pieces of masking tape. Cover the entire piece of your cardstock. Be sure that no cardstock shows through. It is best to use small pieces of masking tape.
3. Cut the overhanging tape off. Do not try and fold it under, as it will make the cardstock edge a little too thick.
4. Sponge color onto your masking tape. Use two or three different colors until you get the look you want.
5. Pour clear embossing powder on the entire piece of cardstock that has been covered with masking tape. You should not have to use embossing ink, as the powder will just adhere to the texture of the tape. Tap off access powder.
6. Use the heating gun until the embossing powder is melted
7. Repeat as needed.
8. Decorate your card as desired.

Have fun with this!

This card will be entered into a challenge at:  The challenge is Spots and/or Stripes.


  1. So cool....thanks for the tutorial...I have never seen this and will certainly be trying. Love your card as well.

  2. What a great idea, it´s a great inspiration. Thank you for playing along with us this week at the crazy challenge. Good luck, Dominique