Saturday, February 13, 2010

Card # 2

This second card is one of my favorites!  I love the Olympic memories it bring back.  What American can forget Al Michaels screaming "He Scores!" as the US won gold in ice hockey at Lake Placid!!!!!  I became an ice hockey fan that day, and even went on to get to see some of the US team in person at Disney World.  Great sports moments for me.  This card shows a great moment for Gus also!  He is shown standing by Stella's bed--boasting "He Scores!"  Maybe not an Olympic great--but a memorable moment for Gus and Stella!  This card uses all Papertrey products, except for the flower embellishments. The image is from the Bugaboo line Gus and Stella--Marriage Secret.   Enjoy (I'm sure Gus and Stella did!LOL!


  1. If you'd have been really naughty, you would said, "He shoots! He scores!" ;)